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REVO SuperConnect Table Radio DAB/DAB+/FM Wireless Audio Playback (Real Wood Veneer)

REVO SuperConnect Table Radio DAB/DAB+/FM Wireless Audio Playback (Real Wood Veneer)

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Radio Star

SuperConnect is a modern classic and arguably the world’s most acclaimed digital radio. The ultimate expression of REVO’s design and engineering philosophy and the culmination of everything we have learnt in 10 years of award-winning product design and development. Functionalism meets craft and technology, a ‘connected’ radio that delivers over 36,000 radio stations from around the world and a host of next-generation features and functionality.

“The Revo doesn’t mind the volume being turned all the way up, it produces an impressively weighty sound that has both a scale and authority to it. There’s no hint of harshness or brightness and the bass sounds richer and fuller than that of its rivals. Irrespective of its source, the Revo sounds good. There aren’t many radios at this price that can go toe-to-toe with the SuperConnect in terms of its design, ease-of-use or sound.

It’s a super effort by Revo.” WHAT HI-FI


Functionalism meets craft and technology, a next-generation audio device that beats at the heart of your musical ecosystem, providing whatever soundtrack you need. Radio from around the globe, access to your personal music collection or an almost limitless supply of songs from the world’s leading music streaming service, all controllable via a specially designed app for iOS or Android devices.

SuperConnect is equipped to receive a wide range of radio standards including DAB, DAB+, FM with RDS and wi-fi internet radio – providing access to over 36,000 stations from around the world. SuperConnect’s ability to communicate with external devices and services is unrivalled. Network audio and WLAN technology enables wireless audio playback from external computers and music servers, Bluetooth® with Qualcomm® aptX™ delivers CD quality streaming from smartphones, tablets etc., and Spotify Connect completes the proposition by unlocking over 30 million tracks from the Spotify archive.

A graphical OLED display and joystick control add a touch of modernity, while patented audio electronics and flat diaphragm BMR driver technology deliver 15W of clear digital audio with clarity and deep, rich bass.


Take Control

UNDOK technology puts you in complete control of SuperConnect and its features and modes of operation, all courtesy of the UNDOK app for iOS and Android.

UNDOK centralises control of SuperConnect’s various functions including DAB, Internet radio, FM, Spotify Connect and Network Audio.


UNDOK integrates with Spotify to provide access to over 30 million tracks, placing full control in the palm of your hand.

Radio Control

Use UNDOK to conveniently search or browse through more than 36,000 stations and podcasts from around the world.

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