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QHW The Vinyl MM/MC Phono Preamp

QHW The Vinyl MM/MC Phono Preamp

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The Definitive Phono Preamplifier

The Vinyl brings to you the characteristics of a perfect phono preamplifier: low noise required to handle tiny phono signals, low distortion to achieve high gain values with the cleanest sound, precise RIAA curve implementation to restore the original image with accuracy and flexibility to fit your equipment and your preferences.


Analog Planet and Stereophile review


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  • Discrete MC head input with BJT.  Low Rb to achieve very low noise floor when dealing with the tiny signal from lowest level MC cartridges.
  • Discrete MM input. The excellent AE2270 amplifier will take input from MM cartridges.
  • Component values in RIAA network have been carefully selected to achieve high precision among with tight tolerance components, like 0.1% 25 ppm thin film resistors.
  • Flexibility. Selectable load to fit your tastes. Two independent inputs.


Nominal gain at 1 KHz

  • MM: 42 dB
  • MC low: 63 dB
  • MC high: 69 dB

Maximum output level: 9 V RMS or more.

MM input impedance: 47 KOhm

MM input capacitance: adjustable from 47 pF to 617 pF.

MC input impedance: adjustable from 47 Ohms or less to 47 KOhms.

MC input capacitance: 150 pF.

Total harmonic distortion at 1 KHz, 2 V RMS output, 10 KOhms load (20 HZ – 20 KHz band):

  • MM:  0,004 % or less.
  • MC low:  0,007 % or less.

RIAA deviation 20 Hz – 20 KHz: less than ± 0,1 dB.

Residual noise: < 300 uV (MC input shorted).

Signal to noise ratio:

  • MM: -84 dB or better (input shorted, referred to 2 V RMS).
  • MM: -96 dB or better (input shorted, referred to maximum output).
  • MC low: -78 dB or better (input shorted, referred to 2 V RMS).
  • MC low: -90 dB or better (input shorted, referred to maximum output).

Crosstalk: < -96 dB (at 1 KHz referred to 2 V RMS output in other channel).

Power consumption: < 10 W

Power supply: output, 36 V DC, input 100 V – 240 V AC 50 – 60 Hz.


  • 243 mm (L) x 218 mm (W) x 89 mm (H) (including connectors and feet).
  • 2 kg

What's in the box

  • The Vinyl
  • Power Supply
  • Operating Manual
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