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LHY Audio

LHY Audio LPS-A6 for EverSolo DMP-A6

LHY Audio LPS-A6 for EverSolo DMP-A6

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A brainchild of exclusive collaboration of Beatechnik x LHY Audio, the LPS for eversolo DMP-A6, LPS-A6,  is designed for critical audiophiles who seek ultimate performance and refinement of High Resolution Digital Music Streaming.  

Linear power supplies offer several benefits in various applications compared to their counterparts, switching power supplies (SMPS, built-in in the eversolo DMP-A6). Here are some advantages of using linear power supplies

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Warranty: LPS-A6 includes a 12 month Australian warranty*

*Warranty only applies when a qualified technician install the LPS-A6.

Installation Guide:

  • Modifications void the product [EverSolo DMP-A6] warranty.
  • If you are not comfortable with electronic modifications, please refrain from attempting them. Use a qualified electronic/electrician technician to do the modification for you. 
  • If you plan to use more than one external hard disk or SSD via USB ports, please ensure that one of the the SSD/HDD is equipped with its own external power supply.
  • The above precaution is essential to avoid overloading the LPS-A6 and ensuring stable and safe operation.
  • It's important to note that Linear Power Supplies (LPS) generally produce more heat compared to Switching Power Supplies (SMPS)
  • Linear Power Supply generates heat as a natural byproduct. This is because LPS regulates the output voltage by dissipating excess voltage as heat. The amount of heat generated depends on the input voltage, output voltage, load current, and the efficiency of the linear regulator.
  • Chassis temperature range of 38-42 °C (tested under ambient temperature approx. 28 °C) for the DMP-A6 with the LPS-A6 installed is within a typical and expected range.
  • The presence of louvers in the DMP-A6 chassis for ventilation is a positive design feature. Proper ventilation is essential to maintain the optimal operating temperature of electronic devices.
  • Clear Airflow: Ensure that the louvers are not obstructed by any objects or placed in a way that hinders airflow. Allow sufficient space around the device for air to circulate freely.
  • Ambient Temperature: Be mindful of the ambient temperature in the environment where the DMP-A6 is located. High ambient temperatures can make it more challenging for the device to dissipate heat effectively. Consider placing the device in a temperature-controlled environment if necessary.
  • External Ventilation: If the device is located in an enclosed space, consider using external ventilation solutions such as additional fans or ducting to improve airflow.
  • Power Consumption: Dimming the display and knob brightness and disconnecting unused USB storage devices are effective ways to reduce power consumption.
  • Power Off: Turn off the DMP-A6 when it's not in use and avoid leaving it on 24/7 unattended.


  • Designed and hand-built by highly skilled electronics crews by LHY Audio.
  • Purpose built for EverSolo DMP-A6 with selected premium components.
  • Low Noise, High Speed, High Current, Low Ripple, Low Dropout DC.
  • Engineered by Audiophile for Audiophile.
  • Unified seamless integration.


  • Schurter Gold AC Filter Fused
  • Talema Encapsulated AC transformer
  • 5A/60V Schottky Diodes

What's in the box

1 x LPS-A6

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