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HumminGuru 12" Album Jacket 25 Pack

HumminGuru 12" Album Jacket 25 Pack

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Elegantly organize and preserve your vinyl collection with the 400GSM Premium HumminGuru Album Jacket for years to come, and share it across generations!

Document your personal stories and memories associated with your cherished records, track playback dates, maintain cleaning records, and keep essential album information all in ONE PLACE. You can make notes of each record playback up to 300 times to help you remember how often the album has been played back. In addition, you can record the date of each record cleaning up to 90 times to track the level of care given to your records.

It is the perfect way to preserve your valuable collection, build a deeper connection to the music you own, and heighten your music enjoyment. More importantly, this would make it so useful and accessible to your future self and the people you will share your collection with. 


Q. Where do you ship to?

A. From this store, we only ship to Australia/ NZ addresses. For international shipping and/or custom orders, please contact us.

Q. Free Shipping?

A. We offer Free Shipping within Australia on all orders above $450.

Q. Is Groove Audio the authorised dealer and do you provide local warranty ?

A. Yes, Groove Audio is the appointed dealer for HumminGuru in Australia/New Zealand. Warranty repair/replacement is available for customer who purchase HumminGuru products in Australia/New Zealand through Groove Audio. For any purchases outside Groove Audio, please contact us. We may consider repair on a case by case basis. Any repair will likely incur a fee.

Q. How long does it take to ship my order?

A. Typically between 7 to 10 days. We'll let you know an approximate shipping date via email. There are potential shipping delays. Fewer passenger flights means our supply chain will have less air freight capacity. Many domestic and international routes are currently suspended or delayed, and remaining routes have much lower frequencies. Please be patient with us while product is being shipped to you.

Q. I need something special that's not offered here, can you help me.

A. Absolutely, please contact us and we'll take it from there.

Q. More FAQ?

A. Click here.


Taking care of your vinyl records and creating a personal connection with your music can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. HumminGuru Album Jacket will help make this process easier, present, and organized for you.

Let's keep the spirit of the vinyl community alive and pass down your record collection through generations with love and care.


Product Weight: 2.2 kg / 4.85 lbs

What's in the box

25 pcs of 12" album jacket

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