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Diapason Dynamis Top End Floor Standing Speakers (Handmade in Italy)

Diapason Dynamis Top End Floor Standing Speakers (Handmade in Italy)

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The Dynamis is the top-of-the-range model and the result of 30 years of experience acquired by designer and founder Alessandro Schiavi in Diapason research. It is the ultimate listening experience from Diapason. Made from High-Density MDF with GRP Layer & Premium finish. 

Diapason Dynamis

With each pair of speakers, design choices are only made when a notable sonic improvement has been made. The Dynamis is a distillation of these methods. Sophistication, beauty, originality, attention to detail, quality materials and finish make Dynamis an example of Italian manufacturing excellence and craft expertise.

Innovative design solutions such as the functional polygon shape have evolved from the Astera floor-standing model, which provided the inspiration for the cabinet's multi-faceted shape.

The 14 facets of the Dynamis have been calculated and tuned to give an acoustic treatment and assembled so that only 2 sides are parallel to each other to reduce internal resonance. 


The search for perfection is intrinsic in this speaker and is obvious in the attention given to the smallest detail.
The crossover is made of high-quality components and has been constructed and wired entirely by hand, preventing the loss or phase rotation and ensuring excellent dynamics under all conditions.

The Components

The midrange driver is comprised of a well-dimensioned magnetic unit, Nextel-coated paper cone and long-range coil. This enables sound reproduction with very low distortion and excellent response transients. The midrange driver is combined with a sophisticated soft silk dome tweeter with ample magnetic flux.  The woofer completes the frequency range to provide a solid performance with impressive controlled bass tones.

Innovation Blending with Tradition

The cabinet is made using High-Density Fiberboard using Diapason’s assembly technology, developed from years of experience building award-winning speaker designs. A special GRP layer is applied to increase speaker durability and to further ensure sound performance. As a final touch, Italian artisans specialising in luxury finishes apply the finishing touches.

The cabinet is made of High-Density Fiberboard using Diapason's tested assembly technology, developed from years of building the Astera, Adamantes and Karis models.
A special GRP layer is applied to make the speaker durable and guarantee improved sound performance. Italian craft experts in luxury finishes give Dynamis the final touches, by applying any colour or material you could possibly desire, to create a striking, original look for any setting.
Tradition and innovation blend harmoniously in the driver technology selected.


The sophisticated connectors produced by Diapason ensure perfect contact with any wiring system. The Base is provided with anti-scratch castors to facilitate positioning, in addition to a lower reflex port. The angle of the lower membrane has been designed to enable perfect alignment with the guide units. The drivers are protected individually with a fixed, acoustically transparent grille, which is connected to the speaker using magnets and optimises the beauty of the Dynamis design.



  • Frequency response: 24/20.000 Hz  (+/- 3 dB)
  • Tweeter Ø: 29 mm silk soft dome
  • Midrange Ø: 18 cm paper cone Nextel coated
  • Woofer Ø: 30 cm Alu cone Fiber glass dust cup
  • Efficiency: 89 dB/W/m
  • Freq. crossover: 150-1.200 Hz
  • Nominal impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Min. impedance: 3,4 Ohm/200 Hz
  • Type: reflex 
  • Finish: metallic bronze, glossy white, dark grey, China red, metallic silver or other colour on demand
  • Weight per speaker: 100 Kg  
  • Dimensions (w x d x h): 450 x 685 x 1275 mm 

What's in the box

  • A pair of Diapason Dynamis floor standing speakers.
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