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Diapason Astera Bookshelf Speakers (Handmade in Italy)

Diapason Astera Bookshelf Speakers (Handmade in Italy)

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The Astera is a highly regarded and awarded result produced from solid wood. A great deal of expertise resulting from experience and Italian tradition created this incredible pair of speakers.

The multi-faceted cabinet is purposely shaped to obtain a circular sound emission from the drivers. This design allows the speakers to recede from the soundstage and lets the listener enjoy the music with all the dynamics, richness and subtleties found in a real live event. 

The sound reproduced is completely natural, transparent, three-dimensional and full of detail. The performance of the Ástera model is astounding in terms of musical impact, not to mention its ability to enhance and contrast instruments in the surrounding space with incredible clarity and a focus on the instruments themselves.

The numerically controlled techniques are used for the curves on the front and back of these panels create an acoustic dispersion around the speaker even more effective. The staging, detail and realism of the soundstage that immerses the listener is improved.

The multi-faceted shape of the Ástera model has been designed to obtain optimal acoustic dispersion and enable the circular emission of the sound waves around the speaker, achieving as ideal a point source as possible.

No expense has been spared for the Astera. Selected SEAS crafted drivers, silk dome tweeters, paper cone woofers and cabinets made from aged wood have gone into the construction of these outstanding speakers. The result is an incredible

The Best Stuff

Crossovers and transducers in each Diapason design are the result of advanced technological research and are tested individually and in combination, with tolerance levels of 1% to obtain the best performance. 

Select SEAS-manufactured drivers, silk dome tweeters, paper cone woofers and cabinets made of aged wood achieve the best sound reproduction rich with harmonics, perceived as balanced musicality.

The tweeter has a soft silk 29-mm dome and a magnetic Hexadym system that incorporates a dual damping and ventilation system.

The woofer has a Nextel-coated paper cone and metal basket. Crossover circuits are wired directly using oxygen-free copper and silver Van Den Hul cables, avoiding the unwanted effects of printed circuits.

The crossovers and transducers are made to very precise tolerances to obtain the best performance. The tweeter has a soft silk 29mm dome and magnetic Hexadym system that incorporates dual damping and ventilation. The woofer is made from a Nextel-coat

Dedicated Stand (sold separately)

The 4/U support stand has 4 metal legs combined with solid wood side panels that integrate with the speaker aesthetics and make the structure more rigid, ensuring optimal speaker performance.
Stands are 75 cm in height, with 4-cm spikes under the base to lift them off flooring, carpets or rugs.



  • Frequency response: 38/20.000 Hz
  • Bass Driver Ø: 180 mm paper cone Nextel coated
  • Tweeter Ø: 29 mm silk soft dome
  • Efficiency: 88 dB/1W/1m
  • Freq. crossover: 1.600 Hz
  • Nominal impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Type: rear-ported reflex speaker
  • Finish: Canaletto walnut solid wood
  • Weight per speaker 13 Kg
  • Weight for stand 26 Kg
  • Dimensions speaker (w x d x h): 260 x 442 x 380 mm
  • Dimensions speaker on stands (w x d x h): 280 x 442 x 1146 mm
  • Optional cloth cover grille

What's in the box

A pair of Diapason Astera bookshelf speakers.

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