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Diapason Adamantes V High-End Bookshelf Speakers (Handmade in Italy)

Diapason Adamantes V High-End Bookshelf Speakers (Handmade in Italy)

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Adamantes V

The Adamantes V speaker best reflects the DIAPASON design philosophy based on Alessandro Schiavi's creativity and passion for music.

Timeless Emotion

This design has been updated since the first model was produced in 1989, to achieve the perfect shape and sound to stir our deepest emotions. The characteristic multi-faceted shape reminiscent of the diamond that provided the inspiration for the name of this model, Adamantes, is designed for optimal sound dispersion from the drivers into the listening environment, and the recreation of a 3D soundstage. The speaker recedes from the soundstage, making it almost possible to 'touch' instruments and voices, and sense their exact position during the performance.

A Symphony of Materials and Technology

Dimensions and balance carefully designed and tuned, living wood which is ideal for sound reproduction, such as Canaletto walnut, along with innovative technological solutions and efficient, quality components, make Adamantes V a true sound reproduction instrument.

Unique, handcrafted items that have been professionally cut, sanded and varnished can only transpire from the able hands of woodworking experts, who have drawn their wisdom from Italian cabinetmaking tradition.

Diapason Direct Drive technology applied to a 17-cm woofer developed in conjunction with the Norwegian company SEAS according to strict specifications, enables the direct connection of rear connectors to the driver, without using a low-pass circuit. The result is a listening experience that perceives low frequencies reproduced quickly and realistically.

Dedicated Stand (Sold Separately)

The 2/A stand in solid Canaletto wood and brushed stainless steel base, measuring 75 cm in height, has been designed for the ideal positioning of Adamantes V.

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  • Frequency response 38/20.000 Hz
  • Bass Driver Ø170 mm
  • Direct Drive Polymetylpentene
  • Tweeter Ø 19 mm treated silk soft dome
  • Efficiency 91 dB/W/m
  • Freq. crossover 4.600 Hz
  • Nominal impedance 6 Ohm
  • Min.impedance 3,4 Ohm/200Hz
  • Type rear-ported reflex speaker
  • Finish Canaletto walnut solid wood
  • Weight per speaker 9.3 Kg
  • Weight per stand 12 Kg
  • Dimensions speaker (w x d x h) 246 x 398 x 380 mm
  • Dimensions speaker with stand (w x d x h) 260 x 398 x 1148 mm
  • Optional cloth cover grille

What's in the box

  • A pair of Diapason Adamantes V bookshelf speakers
  • User manual
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