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Collaro Precision Cloth Turntable Mat (Hand Made in England)

Collaro Precision Cloth Turntable Mat (Hand Made in England)

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Designed as a direct replacement for the supplied platter mat of many high quality turntables, this mat is the result of many years of research and is a high quality 100% wool woven cloth with felt-like smooth facings, produced as a result of the finishing process. It provides a precise support of the record on the platter whilst protecting the groove from damage that can be sustained using a hard surface such as glass or metal.

If replacing a thick rubber or felt mat, the stylus VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle) may need adjustment. If used with a Linn turntable, the process of 'clocking' the platter may be beneficial. Please see these articles about Adjusting the VTA and Clocking the Platter on Linn LP 12s by clicking the links.

The mat may be used either side uppermost with identical results. Each mat comes packaged in a presentation protective sleeve and makes an ideal gift for any vinyl hi-fi enthusiast. The Precision Cloth Turntable Mat has been awarded 'Best Buy' by the prestigious The Ear Magazine. Please click here to read the full review.

You can be sure that the mat will provide years of enhanced listening pleasure for anyone with a Linn, Rega, Pink Triangle, Funk Firm, Pro-Ject, Clearaudio or Roksan turntable. Or, if you or someone you know owns a classic turntable, perhaps manufactured by Ariston, Walker, Manticore, Systemdek, Lenco, Luxman, Micro or Garrard, then the Collaro Audio Precision Turntable Mat or our Collaro 'Tempest' Mat and optional 'Mercury' weight will provide an enhanced acoustic experience.

The Collaro maroon mat has been causing a stir on various Linnie forums, where compliance with the way of Linn usually holds sway. Results experienced by forum posters are universally positive, ranging from mildly to outrageously enthusiastic, so it seems like a good idea to give a Collaro Audio red felt turntable mat a listen.

When you order, please bear in mind that the Collaro Audio Precision Cloth Turntable Mat is a product that is entirely hand made in limited quantities in UK and you should therefore allow around 5-10 working days for delivery - although we aim to fulfil your order in a shorter time frame.



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1 piece Collaro Precision maroon cloth turntable mat

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