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AURIS Bayadere 3 Turntable with W9 Tone Arm

AURIS Bayadere 3 Turntable with W9 Tone Arm

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Elevate Your Musical Experience with the AURIS Bayadere 3 Turntable

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the Devadasi tradition with the Auris Bayadere 3 turntable. Derived from the Portuguese word "bailhadera," Bayadere is a European term that symbolises the vibrant essence of the female dancers from India. These dancers, adorned in striking striped costumes, were chosen to be married to deities and graced temple rituals with their captivating performances. In Indian temple worship, dance and music hold a sacred place in the daily rituals dedicated to the temple deities.

Inspired by the fabric of the Devadasi's dresses, the Auris Bayadere 3 emerges as a powerful musical temple. Its stability and elegance are evident in the exceptional design, meticulously crafted with layers of high-quality aluminum and adorned with dark, glossy kerrock® elements reminiscent of the colorful stripes of Indian silk.


Bayadere 3 is a well balanced turntable, it’s main platter is mounted on leveling feet, very precisely shaped by our designers for a true isolation from vibration and, in order to further reduce the vibrations, we integrated the main bearing in a case isolated from the base with a set of rubber rings. The main bearing is manufactured using the highest quality stainless steel with an incorporated bronze cylinder mounted with great precision in order to make the platter spin with the minimum resistance. There is a steady support of the main bearing consisting in a ceramic ball and a Widia tile hardness over 80 rockwell, which makes the turntable work noiselessly and last longer with very little amounts of lubricant.

Taking into account the experience of many turntable manifacturers, we decided to opt too for a synchronous AC motor, which is distinguished by its speed attitude and stability; it is also possible to upgrade the Bayadere 3 with an electronic speed control. Conditioned by the frequency of the power grid, the only difference between our Bayadere 3 european and U.S.A versions is in the pully’s diameter.

W9 Carbon/Alu Tonearm

The Bayadere 3 comes equipped with the W9, a 9'' gimbal tonearm meticulously crafted from carbon fiber and milled aluminum. This exceptional tonearm features six ball bearings, ensuring smooth and precise movement. The armwand is ingeniously implanted in an aluminum joint, complete with an anti-skating system hovering on two ball bearings. With ultra-low friction and a VTA adjustment of 10mm, the W9 tonearm guarantees optimal performance. Additionally, it is wired with Van den Hull® wires, further enhancing the audio quality.

Sub Platter

Experience unrivaled stability and speed accuracy with the Bayadere 3's advanced sub platter design. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, the sub platter features a chrome and ground shaft that precisely and reliably transmits stable speed to the main platter, eliminating any slippage. The plate resting on the ball bearing is constructed from cemented carbide metal, renowned for its incredible hardness rating of up to 90 on the Rockwell scale. This exceptional hardness ensures optimal performance and longevity, allowing you to enjoy your vinyl collection with flawless precision.

Bearing Housing

In our unwavering pursuit of excellence, the Bayadere 3 incorporates a bronze main hub central bearing in its design. This superior material choice offers numerous benefits, including a longer service life compared to brass alternatives. The bronze bearing reduces stress on the bearing itself, further enhancing its durability and ensuring a consistent and reliable performance for years to come. With the Bayadere 3, you can immerse yourself in the music, knowing that every detail is faithfully reproduced with unwavering accuracy.


We understand the significance of a stable and vibration-free environment for optimal audio performance. The Bayadere 3 is equipped with a special rubber compound that guarantees exceptional stability and effectively reduces vibrations. Additionally, the height adjustment feature allows you to bring the plinth into a perfectly horizontal position, further enhancing stability and eliminating unwanted disturbances. With this meticulous attention to isolation, you can indulge in a pure and immersive listening experience, where every note resonates with clarity and precision.

Motor and Speed Control

Taking inspiration from the collective wisdom of turntable manufacturers, we have opted for a synchronous AC motor known for its speed accuracy and stability. The Bayadere 3 can also be upgraded with an electronic speed control, allowing for further customization. The only difference between the European and U.S.A. versions of the Bayadere 3 lies in the pulley's diameter, accommodating the respective power grid frequencies.

Elevate your audio journey with the Auris Bayadere 3, where advanced engineering and refined craftsmanship converge to deliver an unparalleled turntable experience. From the precision of the sub platter and bearing housing to the meticulous isolation design, every aspect of the Bayadere 3 is engineered to ensure optimal performance, durability, and sonic excellence. Rediscover the true essence of your vinyl collection and let the Bayadere 3 transport you to a realm of musical enchantment.

Download user manual here.


  • Turntables come without cartridges and clamps.
  • Red colour is additional AUD$1,500.



  • Speed: 33,3 rpm/45rpm with included EON PSU
  • Drive Principle: Belt drive
  • Platter: 299mm/11.77" Aluminum
  • Main Bearing: Ceramic ball, Bronze cylinder, Widia plate
  • Speed Variance: 33,3 +/- 0,11% 45+/- 0,11%
  • Tonearm: W9
  • Tonearm Effective Arm Mass: 12 gr / 0.026 lbs
  • Overhang: 18mm / 0.70"
  • Tracking Force: 5-40mN
  • Tilt Angle: 24°
  • Cartridge Compliance: 6-14 gr / 0.013-0.030 lbs
  • Power: AC 24 Volt
  • Dimensions: 385 x 300 x 132 mm / 15.16" x 11.81" x 5.19"
  • Weight: 14 kg / 30.86 lbs

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AURIS Bayadere 3 turntable with W9 tonearm

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